How do we start/we do we start a community garden in Albert Park Lake?

Does anyone have any idea how do we do this, and where do we start?

Somehow I don't think we would be planting this spring/summer. But we can dream big AND ..... try make it happen.



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I'm pretty sure this will be a long term project that will take 1-2 years to get going. If we could be watching our seeds growing this time next year would be fantastic.

I have a group name "The Albert Park Advisorary Council" as a starting point. I need to find the contacts and have a discussion with them as to the possibilities. I'll let you know how I go.

Feedback from the council general manager. Fiona Blair is the manager of parks and open space, so she is also the person to talk to about any possible council-controlled sites.
"The Albert Park Advisory Group is a Park Vic group. Fiona has spoken with James Brincat, the Ranger in charge at Albert Park, and he has advised that the Advisory Group would not consider this and that it would be considered by Park Vic management. James is happy to speak to Andrew on this topic.

Hi Andrew, accept the offer!

Hi Andrew,

I suggest you also talk to David Robinson about how they managed to build the Adventure Playground on the Middle Park side of the Lake. He will tell you it can be done.

I did accept the offer and had a conference call wih James (who is currently acting chief ranger) and Tim who is the acting Albert Park ranger. The response was very negative giving me many excuses why it wouldn't happen. So I was a bit down after that and thought it beter to think over some responses before posts the news.

John Middleton has contacted me again with more people to contact as well as some other sites in the park that are occupied by tenants and therefore would not need Parks Victoria approval. Thank you very much John I am encouraged by you support.

So lots of people to contact and sites to look at.


Hi Andrew,  Just getting on board with this. On the negative respone from James - I learnt somewhere that on average you hear "no" four times before you hear "yes" - so maybe he is only going to say "no" 3 more times!

I'd be keen to chat with you about this aspect - do you want to give me a call?


Ben - 0419 586 093

Hi All,

Did you see an artcile in this week's Leader about a lady wanting to start a community garden in Albert Park? Her name is Talya Samuell and email is .

Andrew / Zainil, it might be ggod to let her know about any progress or barriers you have had.

Cheers, Julian

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